Our most showcased product is our most authentic jamdani saree and traditional salwar kameez.

we have gone to lengths to get the best of best quality products for each of our featrued product catagory.

Blend fashion is a promise for quality product for each and every product catagory

Sharee is the National dress of Bangladeshi women. It is also the most traditional dress in South Asia.Bangladesh has the heritage for traditional shares varieties. Sharee is one amazing dress that can be worn by any age. In Bangladesh we have traditional sharee for different celebration, or you can say for every occasion.For example; To celebrate Bangla New Year white cotton sharee with red borders, to celebrate the autumn celebration Yellow or saffron sharee, to celebrate international mother’s language day black sharee with alphabet printed all over. For wedding celebration red sharee is a must.Sharee is wrapped around Bangali culture. Moslin, Rajshahi silk, Jamdani, Tangail tat er sharee, Mirpuri katan, khadi, Monipuri sharee are some special varieties of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the pioneer country in garment manufacturing. It has the best of quality production materials and skilled workers.

Bangladesh produces traditional dresses and other dress materials and export them all over the world. Salwar kameez is one of the traditional dress that Bangladesh produces both for export purpose and for inside country consumption.

Bangladesh is a Muslim country and most of the female population wears salwar kameez for day to day engagement. Salwar kameez gives the ease and comfort to ware it all day long besides being fashionable.

Many boutique houses immerged just to cater the need of fashionable and also the most comfortable salwar kameez through out the country. Also for the affordable mess production Bangladesh has big garment manufacturing companies.

We collect the export quality exclusive and everyday wearable salwar kameez considering our consumers taste and interest, from allover the continent especially from Bangladesh.

The Jamdani weaving tradition is of Bengali origin. It is one of the most time and labor-intensive forms of hand loom weaving, and is considered one of the finest varieties of muslin, and the most artistic textile of Bangladeshi weavers.

Jamdani saree is very well known to Bengali women as the inheritor of ancient fine muslin cloth. Although fine, fine and smooth muslin is now extinct due to various reasons in the course of time, a branch of muslin known as jamdani still survives.

The eminent traveler Ibn Battuta, in his travelogue written in the fourteenth century, praised the textile industry and spoke of muslin and jamdani.  However, all the famous and unforgettable designs and weaves of Jamdani sarees are now almost extinct.

Jamdani usually means saree. However, nakshiorna, kurta, turban, handkerchief, curtain etc. were also made with jamdani. Sherwani designs with jamdani were in vogue in the 1800s.

As a minimum of 300 count of yarn is used in muslin weaving, 70-80 counts of yarn are usually used in weaving jamdani.Jamdani is made in many places but Dhaka is considered to be the original birthplace of Jamdani. The unique method of weaving jamdani has been recognized by UNESCO as a unique intangible cultural heritage.

Jamdani saree is very difficult and time consuming as weavers weave it by hand. So the price of these is also higher than other sarees. If two artisans work 12 to 14 hours a day to make a Jamdani saree, then it can take seven days to six months to make a complete sari depending on the design.

Knowing the history of Jamdani from the core of its heart and being the bearer of the heritage in the heart; Blend Fashion sources the most authentic Jamdani and makes it available to purchase whoever wishes to own this proud heritage.

Burkha is a external garment worn by Female members of the Muslim community. Bangladesh being a Muslim country; also cater the needs of female members of Muslim community.


Bangladesh also manufactures  burkha, keeping it comfortable and fashionable same time. The material is very important for burkha to keep it comfortable, since it’s worn over other garment. Light weight breathable fabric best suited for burkha.


We also cater the needs of our Muslim community here, we collect the most comfortable and fashionable bhurkhas and make them available for purchase through our online endeavor.

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